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Delivery Guides & Terms

Pick Up & Delivery Options Available

We can arrange delivery or you can come and collect your order. Most deliveries that are done by us are arranged between Monday and Thursday.

Friday to Sunday can be arranged but delivery prices will be higher.

Most items can be delivered Australia-wide but please keep in mind a bar or table can be large-sized and heavy, so please be aware that the freight cost will be adjusted to reflect the size and weight of the item(s) ordered accordingly.

Our factory is located in the south of Adelaide and local deliveries are far cheaper and easier to do. All deliveries are covered by an Australian-wide warranty - rest assured your order will be protected.

Important: All goods must be signed for or goods will not be released for both pick-ups (collection) and deliveries.

Delayed For A Pick Up?

If for any reason you can’t pick up or you are delayed for any reason, we will never charge storage fees - That’s just rude. Just let us know and will put your order aside until you're able to collect it.

Installation Not Included

Please kindly note: All items are delivered (transported) to residential or business addresses only, but installation will not be included.

For example, if the order needs to be delivered to an apartment, condominium or multi-levelled home and/or has no lift access it is the customer's responsibility to arrange installation/lifting facilities to be able to reach the required floor/level.

In most situations, if you speak to us prior we can assist but in some situations it is up to the customer to get the required help to lift & install. (Refer our terms & conditions)


If you have any questions regarding the cost of delivery or for an estimate delivery time please contact us to discuss and we will do our best in fulfilling your questions.